Variations On Typical Attractiveness Vs. Age

Here are a few examples of variations on the typical plot of attractiveness versus age (click on the plots to make them larger):

Example 1 - A woman who improves her presentation (hair, makeup, etc.) later in life
She rides the natural beauty curve until she has to put in effort to improve (~15), at which point the rate of increase tapers out until she starts putting in effort in her thirties. Notice that her peak is lower than the typical woman, because she already has her age working against her by the time she finally maximizes her look. This means that her external attractiveness never reaches its full potential. However, she is getting more and more attractive until a relatively late age (40+). While there is something to be said for a longer "uphill," it comes at the expense of an overall lower maximum, and a lower overall value when other women her age are at their peak. Also notice that her internal attractiveness curve is shifted to the left, since while most girls were figuring out how to do their hair and makeup, she was having other experiences that made her more interesting - human energy is conserved.

Example 2 - A woman who invests nothing in her internal attractiveness
Notice how her external attractiveness plot is unaffected, since it was already maximized by the time she started neglecting to improve her personality (~20 years). The gradual incline still occurs, however, due to natural the accumulation of experiences - but she does nothing to augment it. This woman is gorgeous but boring, and never surpasses 70 % (a seven out of ten).

Example 3 - A woman who never maximizes her external attractiveness
As in Example 1, she rides the natural beauty curve until she has to put in effort to improve (~15), at which point she does not, and the rate of increase tapers out. While she is more attractive at 25 than she is at 15 or 40, she is never anywhere near as good looking as she could be. Notice that her internal attractiveness curve is shifted to the left slightly, since she didn't race to spend her time on looks in her teens and early twenties. This woman is interesting and probably fun to be around, but plain.


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  2. What is the source for these graphs? Are you just making them up? Surely a woman is at her peak in her teens and early twenties wrt attractiveness and then it's downhill all the way. How can anyone believe otherwise. Furthermore personality is not so important as it is for a man's mate value. So long as she isyoung and pretty and not seriously thick or crazy. The notion that men look for the same things in a woman as a woman does in a man is false and harmful.

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