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Your Ex's Birthday Doesn't Matter
Older Women Can Still Be Sexy
The Problem with Denim and Leather
Removed Post: Never Say No to Sex
Amy Young
Ugly Girls Don't Exist
Your PhD Is His 8-Pack
You Shouldn't Want a Boyfriend
Book Release: Beyond the Breakup
Your Hand Can't Hide Your Ass
Thoughts on "The Manosphere"
Book Update
Interpreting Male Compliments
No, Your Intelligence Isn't the Problem
Be Patient
"I'm Not Like Other Girls"
Fat Women Look Hotter in Tight Clothes
The Fantasy of Nightlife
Nice Guys Don't Exist
How to Set Up Your Friends
Bars Are a Bad Place to Meet Women
Book Announcement
The Importance of Variety in Your Appearance
Advice Roundup 2
Advice Roundup 1
How to Date as a Virgin
Stop Lying to Your Friends
CLEO Magazine Interview
The Economics of Sex
6 Ways Men Mask Their Indifference
There Is Nothing Modest About Loose Jeans
How "Hard to Get" Should You Play?
Why Men Are Capable of Commitment
On Being a "Typical" Girl
If a Man Talks to You, He Likes You
The Importance of Personal Boundaries
Do You Really Want Dating to Be Easier?
Black Girls Are Easy
Why Getting Him Back Won't Help
No, You Aren't a Good Wing Woman
The "Three Mistake Minimum" Rule on Dates
Why Men Like Draped Necklaces
What it Is Like to Approach Women
Texting Tip 3 - When Should You Reply?
I'm Taking a Short Break
Why Men "Fade Out"
Men and "Friends With Benefits"
What Men Think of You Without Makeup
What Men Think About Your Disability
Your Love Life Is in Trouble If...
What Men Think About Your Virginity
Ten Ways to Improve Your Skin
Yeah, That's About Right
Men Don't Fall in Love the Same Way Women Do
Less Masculine = More Feminine
The Importance of Silence After a Break Up
Why You Can't Get The Men You Want
Female Game for Women in Their 30s
The Advantage of Dating After 30
What Men Think About Valentine's Day
The Analogy Between Sex and Commitment
The Importance of Taking Fashion Risks
How to Comment Using a Name
When Your Ex Contacts You...
The Dynamics of Dating Shy Men
The Analogy Between Sexual and Emotional Support
Texting Tip 2 - How Should You Reply?
Why Men Don't Approach You During The Day
Nightlife Tip 1 - Create Space at The Bar
What Men Think About Your Intelligence
What Your Boyfriend Notices About Your Mother
Why Large Earrings Are Attractive
How to Deal With His Wandering Eyes
The Most Important Time to Dress Well
Fifteen Red Flags in The Dating World
Living Vulnerably
Female Game for Girls in Their 20s
Men That Like You Will Explain Themselves
Sex Ratio In New York City
Think About Where You Live and Work
Feedback Survey Results
Feedback Survey
What Men Think About Your Pubic Hair
Male Age and Attractiveness
Why Do You Want Him Back?
Female Game for Girls in Their Teens
Are Manicures Worth It?
Texting Tip 1 - Laughter
Men Care About How You Talk
How to Make Any Outfit Better
How to Reject a Guy at a Bar - Part 2
How to Reject a Guy at a Bar - Part 1
An Interesting Hair Experiment...
How to Ask Me for Advice
Where Is Feminism Taking Us?
What It Is Like to Be Rejected by Girls
The Female Mustache
Never Tell a Guy When You'll Have Sex With Him
I'm Taking Some Time Off...
How to Reject a Guy
How to Improve Your Posture - Part 2
A Tool for Learning Makeup
How to Turn Down a Guy for Sex
How to Adapt Your Game According to Your Results
Don't Wear Sneakers
Should You Give a Guy Your Last Name?
Are You Repressing Your Femininity?
How to Get "The Right Kind of Attention"
The Big Picture
Some Older Women Are Smart
Femininity, Authenticity and Compatibility
Katy Perry is Brainwashing Women
No, You Can't Be "Just Friends"
Never Say No To Sex
New Look
What Men Think About Your Weight
Men and Sexual Variety
"The Difference Between" and "The Difference Among"
Know Why You Are Dating
What Men Think About Being Called "Cute"
Get Used to Rejection
Smoking and Dating
Why You Should Beware of Romantic Movies
You Are Responsible for Your Own Romantic Happiness
The Female's Internal Conflict
We Have a Shared Responsibility
How To Avoid Looking "Fake"
Men Don't Care About Your Accomplishments
The Downside of Cohabitaiton Before Marriage
How to Deal with Men Who Have Bad "Game"
The Analogy Between Confidence and Beauty
Men Don't Have Commitment Problems
Be Careful About Wearing Large-Shouldered Tops
Should You Focus on Your Looks or Personality More?
What You Should Know About STDs
Bars Are a Good Place to Meet Guys: Part 2
Bars Are a Good Place to Meet Guys: Part 1
How to Improve Your Hair
"Because Of" Versus "In Spite Of" - Illustrated
About This Blog
New Domain Name
The Importance of Hair
Things to Avoid on Your Internet Dating Profile
Never Tell a Man Why He Shouldn't Want to Date You
Don't Talk Yourself Up
Don't Try to Be One of The Guys
Sexy Versus Cute
What Men Think About Older Women
Don't Let a Guy Waste Your Most Eligible Years
How To Improve Your Posture
Who Pays On Dates?
Your Feedback
Your Age And Your Attractiveness
Posture And Attractiveness
How To Look Good During Sex
Why Rejection Is A Good Thing
Self-Improvement Takes Time
The More Confident He Is, The Less He Likes You
Twitter Account
What Men Think About Your Sexual History
Hair And Makeup Variety
How To Ask For Feedback From A Guy
The Mathematics of Beauty
Making Him Jealous Doesn't Work
Your Skin Color Matters
What Every Girl's Mother Should Be Telling Her
Clean Up Your Room. And Apartment. And Car...
You Can Control How Attractive You Are
Learn How To Be Social
In Vino Veritas... Aliquanto
Human Energy Is Conserved
"Bros Before Hos"
The Importance of Heels
One Way To Improve Your Look
You Always Go To The Gym. And You Like It.
Ask For Feedback If A Guy Breaks Up With You
The Upper Hand In Relationships
Underwear Is Important
"Because Of" Versus "In Spite Of"
Feminine Beauty Is Highly Controllable
Why You Don't Have A Boyfriend
I Can't Believe I Forgot This One...
How to Make Yourself Approachable
"The Wrong Kind of Attention"
Don't Initiate Contact
The Male Sex Drive Always Recharges
Why You Don't Get Approached by Men
Don't Let Pornography Become Your Substitute
Why Men Send Mass Messages on Internet Dating Sites
The Bigger The Hoops, The Bigger The Whore
Men Have No Clue Why They Find A Woman Attractive
The Perfect Female Height
Why Women Don't Know What Men Want
The 10-Point Scale
All Men Have Different Taste
Don't Fuck on The First Date
Who Is This Girl?
Women Get To Play Out Of Their League
Cut Him Off

If you've read everything and are looking for more, you can find a lot of new material in my book, Beyond the Breakup.


  1. I like your blog ! Thank you very much !!!!

  2. Please immediately remove the link to BLACK GIRLS ARE EASY. I am offended by those degrading images seen on that site. Not all Black women follow that ghetto stripper stereotype and find it deeply offensive. I am a loyal reader and fan of your blog, but if you felt that it was meant to be helpful to your Black readers, you are sorely mistaken........ Or is that how you really view Black women?

    1. How about you actually READ one of those posts before judging a book by its cover?

    2. Agreed. It's not as bad as it sounds. I know im not easy so im over the name of the blog. Just check it out.

    3. Im a black woman and I adore that website. Instead of looking at the title you should, click on the link and realize the blog title is just a play on words and not intended to offend women. He is saying black women are easy (to understand)

    4. If it makes you feel any better I'm white and I read that blog. I find its actually way more funnier and entertaining to read and I myself relate to it and I am certainly not a ghetto stripper. The title is mocking a stereotype but if you read the blog it is more helpful than it is offensive.

  3. I haven't tried on the internet dating games but yes supper with someone you don't know can get upsetting from the second you sit down, excellent publish liked studying it.

  4. If he does go out to absorb time with his friends, perceive central that the affiliation you two allotment is appropriate and surpasses any added Pet Names for Guys accord he has in his life. You're his girl, so never overlook that.

  5. Andrew,your blog is worth thousands of books! Awesome! Please write about women's tattoos.thanks!

  6. Love the blog :)

  7. This is a very good post which I really enjoy reading. It is not every day that I have the possibility to see something like this.
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  8. Thank you for the honest advice Andrew.

  9. This garbage is misogynism wrapped up in a package with a guy pretending he likes and respects women. Post a picture of your face to go along with this sad excuse of a blog. We all know you hide your face on purpose.

    1. why be so negative? the truth is not always pretty. If you are in a mood for a different flavor - try this blog -

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.