Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Look

I changed the look of the blog a bit. It still isn't quite what I want it to look like but it's getting there. If anyone has any comments or suggestions about the feel or readability of it, I'd be gad to hear them.


  1. Make it a colored back ground.. the white makes reading slightly more unpleasant. Too harsh on the eyes. Honestly, the blue was just perfect. Perhaps another tone of blue, or a mint-blue-green...something like that...easy on the eyes

  2. ye, i preferred the blue. white is a bit harsh

  3. I suggest color psychology for the intended audience.

    Tranquil and receptive colors for open-mindedness.

    Thank you for the thoughtfulness and energy put into this web log! It is greatly appreciated.


  4. I tinted the background a bit, but now it just looks bad... Ideas?

  5. The text is much better. I'm glad you tinted the background. White background can work if it's broken up with colour e.g


  6. Hi Andrew, this is completely off topic. I don't know where else to write this. When a guy cries in front of his girlfriend (about a possibility of not being together... due to circumstances or whatever), is this a good thing? Or am I in a relationship with a pussy? Any insight you have would be hugely appreciated. I'll tell you what I, as a girl, feel. On one hand I'm obviously very flattered that my boyfriend feels so strongly about me that he even shed a few tears thinking that it might not be together soon. On the other hand, I'm a little torn: not very alpha of him, is it? Can't he handle his emotions? Are we too comfortable? What's the next step - boredom? I really don't know if this is a good thing or not. Thanks for everything, Andrew. Cheers.

    1. Sounds like your guy feeling is that he isn't man enough (for you). Some girls probably won't have a problem with this, but I would wager that most would. My thought is that if you are concerned enough about it to post this question, it upsets you enough that you should date a guy who can hold his shit together more emotionally than this guy - unless, of course, you are willing to sacrifice that one negative point for the other things he has going on.

    2. Hi, thanks! That makes complete sense. But I posted this on here not because I was upset, but because I just didn't know what this (his crying) meant. To be honest with you, I think I fell prey to what other people think. I mean I'm completely happy with this guy but the other day I overheard a girl in an unrelated convo that guys crying in front of their girlfriends are "pussies", and that if he's so comfortable with you as to cry in front of you, then "he's too comfortable", and watch out, he'll probably start looking for someone else soon. Honestly, now as I'm typing this, I'm thinking "this is complete horseshit" but it got me worried a little bit (panicked even, hence my post here). I guess I shouldn't be worried after all, since no one else knows my relationship as well as I do, obviously. But I guess if you wanted to write a post "When a man cries", I would find it interesting. Thanks again!

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  8. Too harsh on the eyes. Honestly, the blue was just perfect. Perhaps another tone of blue, or a mint-blue-green...something like that...easy on the eyes

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