Monday, October 20, 2014

Fat Women Look Hotter in Tight Clothes

I hear the following conversation regularly:
Guy 1: “Man, check out that girl in the yoga pants [or any tight article of clothing] over there.”
Guy 2: “Damn, she is hot. I love when girls wear yoga pants.”
Guy 1: “Yeah, me too… except fat girls, that is just disgusting.”
Guy 2: “Haha well yeah, not fat girls. That is just gross. They shouldn't be allowed to wear stuff like that.”
This line of thinking always bothers me. The implication is that, while tight clothes make fit women look more attractive, they make fat women look less attractive, and should therefore be avoided by any woman that is overweight. But this simply isn't true. Fat women, though unattractive, still look more attractive in tight clothes than they do in loose ones.

I know a lot of readers will initially disagree – men included. There was a time when I disagreed myself. In fact, I used to participate in the very kinds of conversation I am criticizing. But eventually I started paying attention to fat women rather than just dismissing them, and in doing so I realized that what we were saying wasn't true at all. What happened was that, on a few occasions when out with female friends or acquaintances, they started criticizing heavy-set girls for wearing tight clothes. They said things like “She shouldn't be wearing that, look at her stomach!” or "That girl needs to go home and lose 20 lbs before getting in a swimsuit like that!" But when I looked at the same girls they were criticizing, I found myself attracted to them, precisely because of their tight clothes. I had enough imagination to recognize that the very same girls in loose clothes would do absolutely nothing for me; but in a tight dress or yoga pants, I was checking them out.

Look, here is the thing: the female figure has evolved to be attractive to men, and it shines most when its natural curves can be seen. This holds true even when those natural curves are covered in fat; which makes sense, because (except in severe cases of obesity), the woman's proportions still exist. Loose clothes only serve to mask a woman’s figure. When a fat woman wears loose clothes, it makes her look like a mass of floating fabric. You not only still know that she is fat, but you also forget that she is a woman. True, a tight dress might show that a woman has a gut, but loose clothes don't hide it - they just hide her femininity.

Granted, there is probably a way in which an overweight woman can choose clothes very carefully in order to play down her weight while playing up her curves; but these clothes won't necessarily be loose. Anyway it is somewhat beside the point, which is that, on the whole, tight clothes still make fat women hotter, even if they don’t make fat women hot. You might be able to argue that fat women gain less attractiveness than fit women by wearing tight clothes - great, no problem; I am just saying that they don't lose it.

It's been too long since I illustrated anything on here, so let's do so with a plot:

If you still aren't convinced, it might be worth pointing out that the mistake I am accusing people of making is actually a very common one in human reasoning. It’s easy to think that something is a certain way (i.e. unattractive) because of something rather than in spite of something. In other words, it is very easy to believe that a fat woman is unattractive because of her tight clothes, when the reality is that she is unattractive in spite of the tight clothes. The tight clothes make a woman's BMI a little more evident, so people are more prone to make this logical leap; but that doesn't mean they are right in doing so.

Conversations like the one above happen because men like to indulge in the idea that fat women are unattractive. It makes them feel better about their own sexual attractiveness to look down on someone else’s. If they have to slip through a logical loophole in order to do so, they aren't going to lose sleep over it. And the girls who mock fat girls for wearing tight clothes usually just aren't secure enough with their own bodies to wear something that tight. They aren't mad at what you are wearing, they are mad because it reminds them of their own insecurities. Of course, it is easier to mock the fat-but-confident girl than it is to face up to your own body issues, so that is exactly what they do.

Anyway, fat and overweight ladies: don’t be shy about wearing tight stuff to the gym, bikinis on the beach or tight dresses to the club. You can ignore the guys and girls that claim you should cover up, because their complaints say a lot more about their self-confidence (or lack thereof) than anything about how you look in spandex. And yoga pants might not make you look like a supermodel, or even thin, but they still turn guys on more than your baggy jeans.

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  1. This article is discriminatory against thin, pretty women. Andrew darling, I just had to read through this whole article when it has no significance to my life. The quality of your articles is slowly going downhill.

    I'm pretty, like a 8-10/10, and I just want to be able to fuck guys without being seen as a slut. And eventually marry a guy who is rich.... Can you write more articles that are relevant?


    1. Lol, discriminatory? I'm not entirely sure you understand the meaning of that word. This article is anything but discriminatory. Specific, yes, but not discriminatory. So what if the article has nothing to do with -your- life? Believe it or not, there are other people in the world other than you. You claim to be an 8-10/10, but you reading this indicates you're having trouble finding men. Have you considered that maybe the problem is your "Me me me, gimme gimme gimme" attitude? Your tits and ass mean nothing in the long-term without the personality to back it up.

    2. Ok maybe the word discriminatory is not appropriate. But the article is irrelevant, niche and focused on only a small segment of society (fat, attractive women in tight clothes).

      I do have trouble finding men that I like. Being an 8-10 had it's downfalls:

      1. Men are more aggressive, usually drunk, possessive, when approaching. And you never know whether men just want to have sex with you because you're pretty. Or whether they actually care.

      2. I have an amazing, kick ass personality! There is no correllation (sp?) between being beautiful and having a bad personality. That's something only unattractive people say. I just decide whom I want to share my personality with.

      3.My tits and ass aren't the only things that make me attractive. I also have beautiful brown almond shaped eyes, perfect skin that requires zero make-up to look flawless, perfectly straight white teeth. I'm a clothing size 8UK (US 4), I'm petitie, have a cute, sexy voice... I am also very intelligent, well travelled, sociable.

      Like I said, I love reading Andrew's articles. I just find this particular article about fat women in tight clothes has no relevance to my life.

      ......Honestly, when I see a fat woman in a short shirt, I just think: I would look like a total slut, would be raped or sexually harassed if I wore that out. But because she's fat she can get away with it. Fat women get away with everything.

    3. "I just want to be able to fuck guys without being seen as a slut.

      And eventually marry a guy who is rich"

      You're why men don't commit.

    4. I disagree.

      Most men don't commit because they don't develop themselves into the kind of man who can attract the a girl they'll be happy with. Then they blame it on girls like this. Be careful that you aren't falling into that yourself.


      Happiness is the proximate cause, the evolutionary costs associated with the female dual-mating strategy is the ultimate cause.

    6. I'm going to breeze past the self-aggrandizement and stick to the comment that this article somehow discriminates against you. It's a blog. I'm confident that 98% of the other posts will help you achieve your goals. The quality of the blog doesn't deteriorate when one article focuses on a topic you don't care to hear about. Just wait for the next one.

    7. Guys, Lala writes similar comments on almost all of Andrew's posts. They always talk about how hot she is, although the other details sometimes contradict one another. Don't mind her. She's a troll.

    8. I'm not a troll. I'm a real person. All I said was that this article has no relevance to my life - because it doesn't. I actually love Andrew's blog and have read nearly every post. It's just that this particular post about fat people wearing tight clothes perhaps belongs on a plus size modelling blog.

      Like I said, I am at least a 9 on a bad day. I'm actually planning to set up a fashion/make-up blog/youtube channel. I don't have a boyfriend, but I have guys hassling me for sex, and random men stalking me in the street and the usual guys in the friend-zone who are too scared to ask me out because I am out of their league.

      I don't have a boyfriend, like I said. But that's because being beautiful comes with a lot of issues.

    9. Being a troll and being a real person are not mutually exclusive.

    10. Personality never needs to be vocalised . It's apparent to everyone by how you speak and carry yourself ,be it at a social event or an online forum.

      If you're interested, post a question simply asking what the people think about your personality after reading your posts. I'm sure you'd be surprised.

      As for you being "9/10" , "perfect skinned" and all the other good stuff , I'm sure that has to be true to some extent. Though, you might want to consider substituting that with 'good looking' . It'll make you sound a bit more polished , unless it's very contextual, while also eliminating self created opinion and subjectivity.

      Lastly , as for the post not being useful to you , it's probably best for you to skip. over .

      Also , If you really wanted things that are to specifically help you, I'm sure you can simply write Andrew a mail. I think he'd be glad to help.
      And there are a lot of other willing people here in this blog too, including me.

      Do keep in mind that I've been subtle. It really isn't difficult to criticize.


    11. Lala,
      I understand how you think this is "irrelevant" to you. I am in a similar situation appearance and boyfriend-attaining-ability wise, although I am not as confident in my personality (I am honest to a fault and it comes off as rude often).
      However, I might suggest if you come across articles that aren't suited exactly to you, or honestly have nothing to do with you, thinking about others may come into play. I saw this article and thought, "Wow, I was being ignorant by thinking that fat women can't wear tight clothes." Also I will share this opinion, and Andrews blog, with other people when they act like the rude people mentioned. I'm sure you have at least one friend who could benefit from hearing this, even if it isn't you.

    12. In this case you are wrong- too fat thick or curvy women look vulgar and sexually slutty in tight short clothing whereas on a thinner or fit woman the same dress /outfit can look classier and more high fashion.( this has nothing to do with race btw) You are confusing vulgar with better because it looks more sexual to you but you wouldnt bring one of these fat girls in a too tight short dress home to meet your mother or have one as a girl friend.

  2. Fat women are not attractive period. Anyone who thinks otherwise is mentally defunct. If this hurts your fee fee's then I'd suggest weight loss because I assume your over weight

    1. Your overweight what? I assume you can't spell 'you're'.

    2. Fee fees? Gracious. Guys who are super-critical of girls' bodies in general are often self-haters, gay, or REALLY into porn where everyone looks perfect all the time. Everyone's taste is different. I fail to see how that causes anyone attracted to people outside what you consider the beauty norm to be "mentally defunct".

  3. Men who criticize all overweight women across the board (or tend harshly judge women's looks in general) always set off my Gaydar. What a great and convenient excuse to avoid those females--their big butts and hips are so wide, so gross, so scary. And much of the time, those guys tend to be pretty unattractive themselves, I've noticed.

    1. No, sorry honey. I'm willing to bet you're overweight yourself. And there is a great BIG difference between a curvaceous woman and a fat woman. Nice try, though.

    2. RD, where's the line for you? And are you the physical counterpart for the girls you want to attract (glass houses and all)? How much is too much? When does curvaceous tip the scales to fat? If we are to believe magazines and commercials it happens around a size 6. Since "fat" girls can't know who will consider them fat and who will consider them curvaceous, we're better off wearing the tight clothes just in case. I understand the point that Clementine is trying to make. Guys who are super-critical of girls' bodies in general are often self-haters, gay, or REALLY into porn where everyone looks perfect all the time.

  4. A lot of the recent articles are really obvious... "wear tight clothes" not very groundbreaking or new information tbh but I appreciate the attempt

  5. Nice post, I like the "wearing tight clothes shows confidence" bit.

    1. wearing too tight clothes does not show confidence- it shows insecurity as in "I'm desperate for male attention even negative male attention" it also show you have no taste in clothing or style.

  6. To those saying this post is not relevant, I emailed Andrew about this precise issue a few months back. The problem comes partly from the fact that the "how fat is too fat" line is different for everyone. That, and girls are freaking vicious sometimes. So while I might catch more attention in tight clothes, some of it will be the cruel kind. You have to be supremely self-confident to wear tight clothes when you're fat. And anything size 8 and above is considered a plus size model, so it can be hard to feel good in these types of clothes. I think Andrew's post addresses the fact that, once you get past the initial discomfort, the payoff for overweight girls is big enough to outweigh the negative words. Primarily, because men's actions will speak differently.

  7. This post could use a photo to illustrate what you think is a good look for a curvy chick. Here's one example of two outfits on one plus size model - one in a tight dress, the other more modest:

  8. I found a better example. I found a plus size woman with a fashion blog.

    Here are two pictures of her in loose fitting clothes:

    And here are two of her in tight fitting dresses:

    I can see what you mean. The form fitting clothes does look more feminine. I think the best look is the last one, though, where she has a fitted dress with long sleeves. It's the most flattering because it covers flab on her arms, and (like the other dress) accentuates the thinnest part of her waist with the belt.

    1. The second one and the last one are definitely better. The pink loose fitting one being a casual option that is still feminine and, the tighter one being a more tailored down to business choice.

  9. This article reminds me of my Dad at Christmas after a few drinks, pontificating on whether or not it's possible to fart in your sleep or not.

  10. I used to think that oversized women who go around in life wearing tight clothing were in a phase of their self steem where they kind of have given up the possibility of looking better. To most of us out there, stay fitted and in good shape requires 4 important steps 1) Motivation (the most important one whether we obtained it from the reaction on men to not giving up that outfit that's been with you for decades and still works like a charm), 2) determination (the more you put into it the faster the results) 3) sacrifice (even Victoria Secret models have cravings just need to control them not them control you! We all know that 75% of success relies on what you put in your mouth and 25% how much physical activity you invest on yourself. And 4) the amount if self steem you carry within you. So yes..... It is not an easy job because if it was, everybody would be thin and fit. So it's very easy to give up if there's really nothing that can motivate the change. So from my point of view, these women were quiters subjects if their own lack of self motivation and laziness which led them to opt for the why not! Attitude. If I'm able to get inside that dress attitude no one will stop them. Not even the people they are used to receive nothing but negative remarks. Just as they have become invisible to their eyes, they have learned to mask themselves from them as a defensive reaction.
    After reading your article I have come to realize that for any human being there's nothing worse than being ignored, seized to exist from the public eye. We can see it from the teenage years and the need to belong and be recognize to adulthood and the need to succeed to be able to be paired with the perfect match. and I have come to realize after your comment about being totally invisible if someone overweight wears loose clothing which will only remind them if their non existent presence to others, to wearing the "forbidden" outfit which will attract attention, not the good one but hey isn't that the same problem fitted women face if they wear a sexy outfit? Men who want to get into her panties and women who will talk (hell some do make a lifestyle out of talking) out of mere envy? So it all makes sense now. Just as you mentioned they get to expose their feminine instincts which we all have, regardless of their physical appearance, and what's more important... to exist and be seen. And these in anyone's feelings are far more important needs to nourish the heart more than any negative remark they may hear. And sometimes can be the necessary motivation to want to become better. So I hope these article teaches to be a little bit more respectful of others (they are already carrying on their own personal battles) and also to create awareness in both sides that in order to demand perfection you need to be able to provide it yourself in your actions and in your persona.
    Thank you Andrew for sharing your point of view.

  11. When thinking of "fat" women, please respect two things:

    First, there are so called fat order diseases, that are still quite unexplored by scientists, with no effective treatment of the causes (not the symptoms) available (see

    A very common disease in women is lipedema, a painful, symmetrical fat growin disease that is quite common. For pictures, seee I see it very often in women since I got diagnosed with it myself. Research on the prevalence of this disease talks about 8 - 18% of women worldwide carrying this disease. This is a fairly large amount.

    In earlier and medium severe stages, lipedema causes the typical female proportioned figure: wide hips, smaller waist.

    Which leads me to my second point: we live in an era where body fat has a negative connotation. But throughout history, fat was a sign for health and good nutrition. If you sense an erotic attraction to women above the current weight ideal, it is most likely that your most basic mammal instincts are reacting and create desire to mate.

    My experience, as a medium overweighted woman with a lipedema-caused hourglass figure, that I am sexually very attractive to men. I could have sex all the time if I wanted. But when it comes to a relationship, those men don't have the balls to show up with a non-conform body-type woman.

    It would be great if there were more Pierce Brosnans out there. If you don't know what I'm talking about, google for his wife Keely.

  12. Fat women look hotter in tight clothes? Yea they probably can you be oversize and still wear oversize clothes that makes like no sense.

  13. Wow. This is a long page to read through on a little phone, but I think I got enough to make a comment. NO, fat women do NOT EVER look good in too tight clothes. Actually, that goes for men too. Fat bodies stuffed in clothes so that they look like malformed sausages is a BAD THING. And to the person who tried to make fat OK by saying fat has historically been a sign of health and wealth, that was a brief misinformed time. Fat is a hedge againt starvation. Hunter gatherers had to get it when they could. Good weather usually brought more food, bad the opposite. If a person could pack on pounds to survive cold weather, drought etc., , well that was a great adaptation. HOWEVER, we are long past that need. We have good nutritious food available all year round. I also know there are genetic issues that predispose people to weight gain. Again, this is a newer phenomenon and every time that problem is passed on and amplified we're getting farther out if control of being a healthy population. To make an issue of fat women in tight clothes simply an aesthetic one is unbelievably ignorant and shallow. It's a massive health problem. NO ONE should just be told it's alright to stuff their face, (yes I know, some have genetics involved) get hugely fat and completely disgusting, and expect that the new PC world has to tell them they are wonderful and perfect. No, no, no, wrong, wrong, wrong. On so many levels, wrong.
    And to the many apparent chubby chaser guys that like 'sausage women', ugghh. You're not encouraging women be healthy, you're perpetuating an unhealthy, unattractive stereotype and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. "NO, fat women do NOT EVER look good in too tight clothes."

      Never said they did.

  14. I love it! I support the plus size movement! Big thick chubby ssbbw fat or whatever. Plus size women are taking over! BBW lovers and chubby chasers know this! Love yourself ladies! Confidence is everything! I've heard alot of women saying that their boyfriend or husband gets mad because they are losing weight.

    1. For the record, the post does not in any way support the plus-size movement. I am not saying it's ok for a girl to be overweight; I'm saying that tight clothes still help fat girls look better than baggy clothes. Big difference.

  15. Andrew, though I am a woman, I totally agree with your points here. I've read several times before the same statement and now you say the same. Thanks for this post!

  16. Do you have the body to help trimming? This implies you require SOME muscle to fat ratio. Exceptionally thin ladies may find that shapewear has small smoothing impact for them. plus size shapewear


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  29. Thanks for this article. Someone else needed to say what I have been saying for a long time. I'm a US size 12-14 and 5'3 so I'm certainly not slim and I currently live in Eastern Europe.

    A woman who is the least bit overweight or over a certain age just loses the will to try and it's depressing.

    Every time I do see a well dressed, trendy fat girl we always smile and exchange glances with each other like we belong to some sort of exclusive club.

    I am also 32 years old and women my age regardless of weight also completely give up on looking trendy. Especially if they are married or a mom. It's like they loose all semblance of themselves. They don't even want to try when out in public with their husbands.

    I know I'm fat. I'm going to look fat regardless of what I wear unless I make the decision to eat less and lose weight and even if I do it's not going to melt off overnight. Wearing a handkerchief tunic, a boxxy jacket or loose capris won't somehow make me look less fat. Wearing clothes that belong in 2010 also isn't going to make me look less old. What it will do is become a self fulfilling prophecy. One might as well make the best of what they do currently have.

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